Flavoring agent obtained from vanilla beans as white powder with a very strong sweet, creamy odor.


In aroma compositions, as a avor enhancer and xative in food, health and nutrition and beverage products (baked cakes, creams, cooked fruit, ice creams, syrups, liquors and a vast variety of chocolates), confectionery, pharma industry.

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    Menthol Crystals

    Menthol crystals are a flavor produced by freezing and drying the mentha arvensis oil, with both Indian and Chinese origin.

    Colourless large shiny crystals with an aromatic taste following by cooling sensation and a penetrating odour of Peppermint.


    In confectionery, dairy, beverage, meat, flavors, oral care, pharma, cosmetic and perfumed products, in tobacco products.

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      Essential Oil

      Spearmint Oil:
      obtained from distillation of mint plants of family Labiatae, growing in Europe and America.


      Peppermint Oil:
      extracted from concentrated oil taken from peppermint sprouts.


      Cornmint Oil:
      processed using deep freezing and centrifuging process of Mentha Arvensis oil and contains 50% of menthol as its main constituent.


      As flavor in confectionery, beverages, bakery and nutrition products; as a fragrance in soaps and cosmetics.

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